Lost Honeymoon


When an Englishwoman dies, leaving behind two children, her devoted friend (Ann Richards) decides to take the children to find the woman's husband (Franchot Tone), an American serviceman who had returned to the USA. But the father, now a successful architect, claims not to remember ever having gotten married or having any children.

Lost Honeymoon is a 1947 American film directed by Leigh Jason. The tag line calls it, "A romantic comedy of amnesia and amore".


  • Franchot Tone as Johnny Gray
  • Ann Richards (actress) as Amy Atkins / Tillie Gray
  • Tom Conway as Dr. Robert "Bob" Davis
  • Frances Rafferty as Lois Evans
  • Clarence Kolb as Mr. Evans (Lois's father)
  • Una O'Connor (actress) as Mrs. Tubbs
  • Winston Severn as Johnny Gray Jr.

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