Law of the Wolf


When Carl Pearson (Dennis Moore) is unjustly convicted of killing his brother, he breaks out of prison with the help of another convict to try to clear his name and also to recover some valuable airplane plans that his brother left behind. He is pursued both by the police and by the real killer, while his fellow escapee tries to turn the situation to his own advantage.

Law of the Wolf is a 1939 American film directed by Bernard B. Ray and featuring Rin Tin Tin#Successor Rin Tin Tins. The film is also known as Law of the Wild (American reissue title), not to be confused with The Law of the Wild a 1934 serial starring Rin Tin Tin Jr.


After being falsely accused of his brother Harry's murder Carl Pearson escapes from prison with the aid of another prisoner Duke Williams. Meanwhile wealthy aircraft manufacturer Roger Morgan makes plans to adopt Harry's son Bobby who is currently in the care of Ruth Adams, who is also Carl's fiancee. With his father dead young Bobby is the legal owner of valuable aircraft plans that Morgan wants to acquire. Carl's son is Johnny who is the owner of Rinty a prize tracking dog. The Police borrow Rinty in order to try to track Carl and Duke; but Rinty is less than cooperative in this effort. After a car accident leaves Ruth temporarily incapacitated, young Bobby wanders off. A canoe rescue and an encounter with a wild cougar follow. Arriving at the Pearson's cabin Carl recovers the plans, but Duke steals them in order to sell them. Eventually everyone else ends up at the cabin and the real killer is revealed. The killer tries to escape followed by Carl and Rinty in a climactic chase.


  • Dennis Moore (actor) as Carl Pearson
  • Luana Walters as Ruth Adams
  • George Chesebro as Duke Williams
  • Steve Clark (actor) as John Andrews
  • Jack Ingram (actor) as Roger Morgan
  • Robert Frazer as Lt. Franklin
  • Jimmy Aubrey as Uncle Jim
  • Martin Spellman as Johnny
  • Robert Gordon (director) as Bobby [Pearson]
  • Rin Tin Tin#Successor Rin Tin Tins as Rinty

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