Law and Lead


Rex Bell plays Jimmy Sawyer, a Cattleman's Association operative, and goes on the trail of his friend Pancho Gonzales (Donald Reed), known as the Juarez Kid. The Kid has been charged with being responsible for an outbreak of lawlessness in the border area. Sawyer is unconvinced of the Kid''s guilt, as he had given his word, three years earlier, to Sawyer that he would go straight. Jimmy is convinced that somebody is posing as The Juarez Kid, and he begins the search at the Hawley ranch.

Law and Lead is a 1936 American film directed by Robert F. Hill.


  • Rex Bell as Jimmy Sawyer
  • Hal Taliaferro as Steve Bradley, posing as The Juarez Kid
  • Harley Wood as Hope Hawley
  • Earl Dwire as Dad Hawley
  • Soledad Jiménez as Señora Gonzales
  • Donald Reed as Pancho Gonzales, aka The Juarez Kid
  • Roger Williams (actor) as Card cheat
  • Lane Chandler as Cattleman Detective Ned

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