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Lady Windermere's Fan


Mrs Erlynne (Irene Rich), the mother of Lady Windermere (May McAvoy) - her daughter does not know about her - wants to be introduced in society, so that she can marry Lord Augustus Lorton (Edward Martindel). Lord Windermere (Bert Lytell), who helped her with a cheque, invites her to his wifes birthday-party, but Lady Windermere thinks, she has reason to be jealous, so she decides to leave her husband and go to Lord Darlington (Ronald Colman), who is pining for her. Mrs Erlynne finds this out and tries to prevent her of this mistake, but her daughter leaves her fan in Lord Darlingtons residence.

Lady Windermere's Fan is a 1925 in film American silent film film directed by Ernst Lubitsch. It is based on Oscar Wilde's 1893 play Lady Windermere's Fan which was first played in America that year by Julia Arthur as Lady Windermere and Maurice Barrymore as Lord Darlington.

Plot summary

Differences from play


  • Ronald Colman as Lord Darlington
  • May McAvoy as Lady Windermere
  • Bert Lytell as Lord Windermere
  • Irene Rich as Mrs. Erlynne
  • Edward Martindel as Lord Augustus Lorton
  • Carrie Daumery as The Duchess of Berwick

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