Ladies Crave Excitement


The exciting adventures of a newsreel photographer. Note: it appears that whoever created the avi file rescaled his source vertically without first delacing or detelecining. Don't use a delacing filter when viewing it, however; that seems to make things worse.

Ladies Crave Excitement is a 1935 American film released by Mascot Pictures, directed by Nick Grinde and starring Norman Foster (director).

Plot summary


  • Norman Foster (director) as Don Phelan
  • Evalyn Knapp as Wilma Howell
  • Eric Linden as Bob Starke
  • Esther Ralston as Miss Winkler
  • Purnell Pratt as Amos Starke
  • Irene Franklin as Victoria (Vi)
  • Emma Dunn as Mrs. Phelan
  • Gilbert Emery as J. Fenton Howell
  • Russell Hicks (actor) as Bert Taylor
  • Christian Rub as Lars Swenson
  • Francis McDonald as Terry
  • Matt McHugh as Johnson
  • Jason Robards Sr. as Nick
  • Syd Saylor as Flynn
  • George "Gabby" Hayes as Dan McCloskey
  • Max Wagner as Pat


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