Kid Monk Baroni


From IMDb: Leonard Nimoy is "Kid" Monk Baroni, the leader of a street gang who becomes a professional boxer to escape his life in "Little Italy" New York. Also Starring: Richard Rober, Bruce Cabot, Allene Roberts, and Mona Knox

Kid Monk Baroni is a 1952 American film directed by Harold D. Schuster. It is also known as Young Paul Baroni in the United Kingdom and is noted for being an early film appearance for Leonard Nimoy, who would become famous for his role as Spock on the cult TV series Star Trek: The Original Series.

Plot summary

From the New York Times:
"In the words of its star Leonard Nimoy, Kid Monk Baroni was the sort of film that "made unknowns out of celebrities." The young Nimoy is actually quite good as the title character, a boxer whose misshapen face has earned him the unwelcome nickname "Monk." Formerly an unregenerate street punk, Baroni is set on the proper path by parish priest Father Callahan (Richard Rober). Unfortunately, a run-in with his old gang forces Baroni to skip town. He becomes a professional pugilist under the aegis of manager Hellman (Bruce Cabot), taking out his pent-up frustrations in the ring. Able to afford plastic surgery, Baroni buys himself a handsome new face — and, with it, a dangerously oversized ego. Hoping to protect his new face from harm, Baroni washes out in the boxing ring, but redemption — and a lasting romance with Emily Brooks (Allene Roberts) -- await just around the corner. Kid Monk Baroni was well-directed by Harold Schuster, whose previous efforts included My Friend Flicka and So Dear to My Heart. A flop at the box office, the film did nothing for the career of Leonard Nimoy, who was obliged to spend the next 15 years in relative obscurity before attaining a second chance at big-time stardom with TV's Star Trek.


  • Richard Rober as Father Callahan
  • Bruce Cabot as Mr. Hellman
  • Allene Roberts as Emily Brooks
  • Mona Knox as June Travers
  • Leonard Nimoy as Paul "Monk" Baroni
  • Jack Larson as Angelo
  • Budd Jaxon as Knuckles
  • Archer MacDonald as Pete
  • Kathleen Freeman as Maria Baroni
  • Joseph Mell as Gino Baroni
  • Paul Maxey as Mr. Al Petry
  • Stuart Randall (actor) as Mr. Moore
  • Chad Mallory as Joey
  • Maurice Cass as Pawnbroker
  • William Cabanne as Fighter, the "Seattle Wildcat"


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