Joyless Street


Vienna in the biggest depression, directly after WW1. In a slum, Lila Leid (Tamara Geva), the wife of lawyer Leid (Alexander Murski) is murdered, Egon, secretary of one of Leid's clients is arrested. He was with her, and had her necklace, because he needed some money for his own stock exchange deals. The same deal brings poverty to ex-government official Rumfort (Jaro Fürth), his daughter Greta (Greta Garbo), who also has lost her job, tries to prostituting herself to get some money and food.

Joyless Street (, 1925, exhibited in the U.S. as The Street of Sorrow, in Britain as The Joyless Street< name="WalkerMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer1980">
</>), a film based on the novel by Hugo Bettauer and directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst in Germany, is one of the first films of the "New Objectivity (film)“ movement. Greta Garbo stars in her second major role. The film is often described as a morality story in which the 'fallen woman' suffers for her sins, while the more virtuous is rewarded.

Versions of the film

Shortly after its release, different versions of the film circulated because of censorship cuts. The Filmmuseum in Munich restored the film in 1999 to its original length.< name="silentera"></> A digital version of this new film, 142 minutes in length, was then produced by Austrian Filmarchiv, from which it is available.

Full cast

File:Greta Garbo04.jpg
  • Asta Nielsen - Maria Lechner
  • Greta Garbo - Greta Rumfort
  • Agnes Esterhazy - Regina Rosenow
  • Werner Krauss - Metzger von Melchiorstrasse
  • Henry Stuart (actor) - Egon Stirner
  • Einar Hanson - Lt. Davis
  • Gregori Chmara - Kellner
  • Karl Etlinger - Max Rosenow
  • Ilka Grüning - Frau Rosenow
  • Jaro Fürth - Councilor Rumfort
  • Renate Brausewetter - Frau (uncredited)
  • Mario Cusmich - Colonel Irving (uncredited)
  • Maria Forescu - Frau (uncredited)
  • Robert Garrison - Don Alfonso Canez (uncredited)
  • Valeska Gert - Frau Greifer (uncredited)
  • Tamara Geva - Lia Leid (uncredited)
  • Max Kohlhase - Maria's father (uncredited)
  • Krafft-Raschig - American soldier (uncredited)
  • Lya Mara - Frau (uncredited)
  • Edna Markstein - Frau Merkel (uncredited)
  • Alexander Murski - Dr. Leid (uncredited)
  • Loni Nest - Rosa Rumfort (uncredited)
  • Iván Petrovich - Man (uncredited)
  • Raskatoff - Trebitsch (uncredited)
  • Otto Reinwald - Man (uncredited)
  • Gräfin Tolstoi - Fräulein Henriette
  • Sylvia Torf - Maria's mother (uncredited)
  • Hertha von Walther - Else (uncredited)

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