Johnny One-Eye


Story of a gangster (Pat O'Brien) who isn't quite the tough guy everybody thinks he is.

Johnny One-Eye is a 1950 American film directed by Robert Florey.

Plot summary

In Manhattan, former gangster turned legitimate businessman Martin Martin (Pat O'Brien (actor)) has become the target of a politically ambitious district attorney, who has offered immunity for Martin's former partner in crime Dane Cory in exchange for his testimony. After being informed about the deal and narrowly escaping arrest, Martin pays a visit to Cory to persuade him not to testify. The meeting ends up with a shootout, with Martin killing one of Cory's henchmen and being hit himself before fleeing. With his picture on newspaper front pages and a reward on his head, Martin decides to hide in an abandoned house. While recovering to prepare a final assault on Cory, he adopts an injured dog that strays into his hideout and names him Johnny One-Eye.


  • Pat O'Brien (actor) as Martin Martin
  • Wayne Morris (American actor) as Dane Cory
  • Dolores Moran as Lily White
  • Gayle Reed as Elsie White
  • Donald Woods (actor) as Vet
  • Barton Hepburn as Cory Henchman
  • Raymond Largay as Lawbooks
  • Lawrence Cregar as Ambrose
  • Forrest Taylor as Man on Street who quotes Lord Byron
  • Lester Allen as Designer-Choreographer
  • Jimmy Little (actor) as Captain of Police
  • Jack Overman as Lippy
  • Lyle Talbot as Official from District Attorney's Office
  • Harry Bronson as Cute Freddy


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