Inside the Law


A silly poverty-row farce about a gang of pickpockets that decides to run a bank. Update: I removed most of the crackle from the audio.

Inside the Law is a 1942 American film directed by Hamilton MacFadden. It is also known as Rogues in Clover.

Plot summary

Billy (Wallace Ford) is the boss of a small gang of seven, who are all on their way to California for a change of scenery. Before they even enter the city of Los Angeles they watch as a cop on a motorbike pull over a drunk driver, Stanley Blythe, and arrest him. One of the gang members manage to steal Stanley's wallet before he is taken to jail, and in it they find a letter informing that Stanley is to start his new job as bank manager at the Walnut Valley Bank. Billy decides to impersonate Stanley and start working at the bank and hire his ganga so they can break into the vault and rob it. The bank president, Judge Mortimer Gibbs (Harry Holman), welcomes Billy to his new job and likes his bold idea of changing the staff to get a fresh start. The gang start their jobs, but soon discover that isn't much cash in the vault to steal. They come up with a plan to increase the savings deposits, challenging people to bring their safes and let a safe "expert", gang member Jim Burke (Frank Sully), try to crack them. If he fails in doing so, they will get $100. It turns out Burke easily cracks every safe presented to him, and in fear of being robbed, people from all around the area bring their private savings to the bank. The gang get gready and they decide to stay on a while and collect more money before they rob the bank. They pack one of the gang member's, Dora Mason (Luana Walters), suitcases full with the money just in case they need to flee quickly. After a visit to church, like good citizens, Billy, Dora and Mom Cobbs (Rose Plumer) have a change of heart and decides to stay and run the bank for real. Burke, hiwever, steals the suitcase full of money, and Billy is knocked unconscious when he tries to stop him. Dora pretends to be in on Burke's escape and leaves with him, to later try and retrieve the money along the way to the Mexican border. After a tip from Billy they are stopped by the customs, and Billy goes down to meet them. Meanwhile, the real Stanley has been let out of jail and pays a visit to the gang, demanding to meet Billy. The gang liquors the man up, but after a while the police come to arrest them all for disturbance. Billy and Burke fight over the suitcase at the border, and Dora manages to grab the case and run away in Billy's car. She gets back to Walnut Valley and Billy comes after her. Arriving back in town, the chief knows about the suitcase and arrests them on the spot. A bank examiner is about to arrive at the bank the same day, and the gang stalls him when he arrives, so that Billy will have time to return with the stolen money. When Billy finally comes with the suitcase, it turns out it's empty. The Judge then confesses that he has a habit of always taking the money home with him when the week is at an end. When all seems in order, and the examiner counts the money, Burke arrives and holds everyone at gunpoint, trying to rob the bank. He is unaware that the gun is unloaded, and he is easily overpowered by the rest of the gang. Since the money is found, the police have no reason for arresting the gang members, and instead they are sentenced by the judge to run the bank in the future.


  • Wallace Ford as Billy
  • Frank Sully as Jim Burke
  • Harry Holman as Judge Mortimer Gibbs
  • Luana Walters as Dora Mason
  • Lafe McKee as Pop Cobb
  • Barton Hepburn as Paul Kane
  • Danny Duncan as Peter Clifford
  • Earle Hodgins as Police Chief
  • Rose Plumer as Mom Cobb
  • Robert Frazer as Bank Official



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