Hold that Woman


A skip-tracer doesn't realize that the radio he is trying to repossess contains stolen diamonds.

Hold That Woman! is a 1940 American film comedy directed by Sam Newfield starring the husband and wife team of James Dunn (actor) and Frances Gifford. The working title of the film was Skip Tracer.


Bill Lannigan (John Dilson), boss of Skip Tracers Ltd. - a debt collecting company, gives his repossession agent Jimmy Parker (James Dunn (actor)) an ultimatum: he has thirty days to become as successful as his competitor, Miles Hanover (Dave O'Brien (actor)), or he will be fired.
Jimmy and his girlfriend Mary Mulvaney (Frances Gifford) try to repossess a radio, belonging to Miss Lulu Driscoll (Rita La Roy) who has not kept up her payments. But Jimmy is unaware that there are stolen jewels in the radio! It turns out the jewels are stolen from a famous movie star named Connie Hill (Anna Lisa). Since Jimmy is persistent and forces his way into her hotel room, Lulu calls the police and they arrest both him and Mary and take them to jail.
Meanwhile, Hill's manager, John Lawrence (William Hall (actor)), strongly suspects that her fiancé Steve Brady (George Douglas) is somehow involved in the theft of Connie's jewels. Lawrence overhears a conversation between Douglas and a man called Duke Jurgens (Paul Bryar) as they talk about a share in the robbery. Lawrence is convinced that Brady is in on the theft and goes to Skip Tracers to hire someone to get the jewels back and Jimmy's competitor Miles, gets the assignment.
Jimmy is released from prison and happy to be free so he decides on a whim to marry Mary. He also tries to find Driscoll to repossess both the radio and the jewels but discovers that she's moved.
Meanwhile, Hanover sees Brady abducted by The Duke and his gang. They go to Driscoll's new residence to find the missing jewels, and discover Hanover and tie him up, while both Driscoll and Brady are put in the trunk of a car. The Duke and his men rummage through the house to find the jewels when they are interrupted by Jimmy coming for the radio. The Duke gives Jimmy the radio just to get rid of him. Jimmy finds the missing jewels inside the radio and sees the car parked outside the house. The car also happens to be on his list of items to repossess, so he tells Mary to take his car, while he takes this one back for repossession. The Duke sees Jimmy take his car and a chase ensues, ending with the police stopping both vehicles. Jimmy gets the jewels to his boss Lannigan and gets a reward for finding them.
But the real crooks and the cops are soon after them again. It’s just a matter of who’ll catch up with them first and if they’ll survive long enough for Jimmy to carry Mary over the threshold of their own home.


  • James Dunn (actor) as Jimmy Parker, a Skip-Tracer
  • Frances Gifford as Mary Mulvaney
  • George Douglas as Jewel Thief Steve Brady
  • Rita La Roy as Lulu Driscoll, Brady's Girlfriend
  • Martin Spellman as Mike Mulvaney
  • Eddie Fetherston as Conroy
  • Guy Usher as Police Officer John Mulvaney
  • Paul Bryar as "Duke" Jurgens
  • Edwin Max as Taxi', Jurgens' Henchman
  • John Dilson as Bill Lannigan
  • Dave O'Brien (actor) as Miles Hanover
  • Anna Lisa as Corrine Hill, Movie Star
  • William Hall (actor) as Jack Lawrence
  • Marie Rice as Mrs. John Mulvaney
  • Frank Meredith as Police Officer Mike
  • Art Miles as Kayo


MOTHER: If you don't get an education, you'll grow up to be a policeman, just like your father<br>
SON: Well, then I won't do my homework at all!
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