His First Flame


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His First Flame (1927 in film) is an United States silent film comedy film starring Harry Langdon and directed by Harry Edwards. Additional cast members include Natalie Kingston, Ruth Hiatt, Vernon Dent, and others.<>.</>


The story tells of Harry Howells (Langdon), a recent college graduate who's madly in love with his sweetheart Ethel (Kingston) and hopes to marry her. His woman hating uncle, however, Fire chief Amos McCarthy (Dent), tells his nephew to avoid marriage because all women want is money.
Even though Harry is determined to marry Ethel, it seems his uncle was right: Ethel is a gold-digger. Harry is crestfallen. Her sister, Mary Morgan (Hiatt), however, is very interested in Harry. Still, unhappy, Harry spends the night in the firehouse. That night the fire alarm goes off, and it gives hapless Harry a chance to prove his mettle.


  • Harry Langdon as Harry Howells
  • Natalie Kingston as Ethel Morgan
  • Ruth Hiatt as Mary Morgan
  • Vernon Dent as Amos McCarthy
  • Bud Jamison as Hector Benedict
  • Dot Farley as Mrs. Benedict

Critical reception

When the film was released, the film critic for The New York Times, Mordaunt Hall, liked the film and wrote, "Mr. Sennett and Mr. Langdon do their parts in this nice mile of fun. Mr. Sennett, who failed as a blacksmith and amassed millions as a maker of film humor, deserves no little credit for the hilarious situations in this picture. And Mr. Langdon is to be congratulated on a generous supply of sad smiles and wide-eyed effects...Mr. Langdon is at his best in this humorous piece of work. The heroine is impersonated by Natalie Kingston, who, while she does not appreciate Harry's wisdom, is attractive."

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