Juvenile deliquents! Teenage gangs! This is the movie that showed the big time how! Stars Tom Pittman and a cast of various hoods.

High School Big Shot is a 1959 film starring Tom Pittman as Marv Grant, a smart high school student whose plans for getting a college scholarship are threatened by his alcoholic father played by Malcolm Atterbury, and his relationship with the most popular girl in school. The plot is remarkably similar to that of Stanley Kubrick's The Killing (film), released only three years previous. High School Big Shot was featured on an episode of the popular comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000. Filmed in 1958 under the title Blood Money, executive producer Roger Corman released the film as a double feature with T-Bird Gang in his first Filmgroup release.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The film was featured in a sixth-season episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Main topics of ridicules for the writers were Marv's wimpy demeanor, huge lips and awkward appearance, his father's pathetic alcoholism, and the overall bleak nature of the film. The ending in particular prompted the writers to dub it "one of the most depressing films we've ever seen" and include a skit where the characters of the show "kill" each other with water guns to mock the fact that most of the major characters were killed in a brief moment of time, nearly one after the other.

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