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Goodbye Love


When the wealthy Wall Street businessman Chester Hamilton (Sidney Blackmer) is arrested for missing the payment of due alimonies to his ex-wife, he finds his butler Oswald Groggs (Charles Ruggles) in the jail arrested for the same motive. Chester gives 2,500.00 $ to Oswald to pay his debts, but the butler gives only part of the money to his ex-wife and travels to the seashore on vacation pretending to be the wealthy "Sir" Oswald Groggs.

Goodbye Love is a 1933 American film directed by H. Bruce Humberstone.

Plot summary

Chester Hamilton (Sidney Blackmer) is sent to prison for non-payment of alimony to Phyllis Van Kamp (Verree Teasdale). Hamilton's valet, Oswald Groggs (Charles Ruggles), uses his boss’s reservations at an exclusive resort to go on vacation under the assumed identity of wealthy eccentric "Sir Oswald".
Phyllis tries to marry "Sir Oswald" for his money. When Oswald seems to fall for her, the question is who will be left standing at the altar.
A secretary (Phyllis Barry) and a reporter (Ray Walker (actor)) witness all these shenanigans.


  • Charles Ruggles as Oswald Groggs
  • Verree Teasdale as Phyllis Van Kamp aka Fanny Malone
  • Sidney Blackmer as Chester Hamilton
  • Phyllis Barry as Dorothy Blaine
  • Ray Walker (actor) as Brooks
  • Mayo Methot as Sandra Hamilton
  • John Kelly (actor) as Sergeant Dugan the Jailer
  • Grace Hayle as Lura "Ducky" Groggs
  • Luis Alberni as Tony
  • Richard Tucker (actor) as Eddie the Lawyer
  • Edward Van Sloan as Judge
  • Gerald Fielding as Dunwoodie - Sandra's Beau
  • Drew Demorest as Desk Clerk


  • "Goodbye Love" (Written by Con Conrad, Archie Gottler and Sidney D. Mitchell)

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