God is My CoPilot

1945 WWII war drama starring Dennis Morgan, Dane Clark, Raymond Massey, Richard Loo

God is My Co-Pilot is a 1945 United States war film based on the autobiography of the same name by Robert Lee Scott, Jr. The film tells the story of Scott's association with the Flying Tigers and the United States Army Air Forces in China and Burma during World War II.


God Is My Co-Pilot was based on the best-selling autobiography by fighter pilot Col. Robert Lee Scott Jr. (Dennis Morgan), who fought in the Pacific during World War II. At 34, Scott was considered too old to fly in combat, but he volunteered for a secret bombing raid from Philippines against the Japanese capital of Tokyo. When the mission is cancelled after he arrives in British Raj, Scott flies transport aircraft over The Hump into China.
Scott persuades Claire Chennault (Raymond Massey), the leader of the Flying Tigers to let him fly with the airmen such as "Tex" Hill (John Ridgely) who have been fighting the Japanese as a mercenary air force. Scott gets his chance to fight, ultimately engaging in combat with the deadly fictional Japanese pilot known as "Tokyo Joe" (Richard Loo).


As appearing in screen credits (main roles identified):|group=N}} some one dozen North American B-25 Mitchells and various other training aircraft helped create a busy sky, but unfortunately also led to the loss of five airmen in a midair collision.|group=N}} With as many as 60 aircraft committed to the production, the film was the most ambitious of its kind in wartime.



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