Frontier Horizon


When ranchers learn their land has been condemned for construction of a new dam, they decide to fight. When they delay the construction, they are promised a pipeline... but there is no intention of actually building a pipeline.

Not to be confused with John Wayne's 1935 film The New Frontier (film)

New Frontier is a 1939 American film starring John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, Raymond Hatton, and Jennifer Jones (actor). This was the last of eight The Three Mesquiteers Western (genre) B-movies< name="b-westerns"></> with Wayne (there were fifty-one altogether). A restored 35&nbsp;mm copy of the film exists and was screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as part of a 2007 John Wayne centennial retrospective, which included The Big Trail, The Searchers (film), and True Grit (1969 film). The leading lady is Jennifer Jones (actor) billed as Phylis Isley. The director was George Sherman.


  • John Wayne as Stony Brooke
  • Ray Corrigan as Tucson Smith
  • Raymond Hatton as Rusty Joslin
  • Jennifer Jones (actor) as Celia Braddock (billed as Phylis Isley)
  • Eddy Waller as Major Steven Braddock
  • Sammy McKim as Stevie Braddock
  • LeRoy Mason as M.C. Gilbert
  • Harrison Greene as William Proctor
  • Wilbur Mack as Mr. Dodge
  • Reginald Barlow as Judge Bill Lawson
  • Burr Caruth as Dr. William "Doc" Hall
  • Dave O'Brien (actor) as Jason Braddock
  • Hal Price as Sheriff
  • Jack Ingram (actor) as Henchman Harmon
  • Bud Osborne as Dickson

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