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Flirting With Danger


In 1934 mixing dynamite was a bit like making a stew, every cook did it a little different. Three wild and crazy guys have no fear as they mix dynamite and the girls in dangerous combinations.

Flirting with Danger is a 1934 American comedy adventure film directed by Vin Moore and starring Robert Armstrong, Edgar Kennedy and William Cagney (James Cagney's lookalike brother). The picture was released by Monogram Pictures and has a running time of 62 minutes.[1]
Robert Armstrong as Bob Owens
Edgar Kennedy as Jimmy Pierson
William Cagney as William "Lucky" Davis
Maria Alba as Rosita
Marion Burns as Marian Leslie
Ernest Hilliard as James Dawson
Wilhelm von Brincken as Von Kruger (credited as Wm. L. von Brincken)
Guy Usher as James E. Fenton
Gino Corrado as Captain Garcia
Edward Hearn as San Rico Plant Supervisor
Carol Tevis as Cecilia, Stuttering Blonde (uncredited)
Margaret La Marr (uncredited)
Monogram Pictures

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