Fighting Deputy


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The Fighting Deputy is a 1937 American western directed by Sam Newfield and produced by Jed Buell for Spectrum Pictures.


Sheriff Dan Bentley (Frank LaRue (actor)) and Deputy Tom Bentley (Fred Leedon Scott) are after Scar Adams / Jim Denton (Charles King (actor)) the brother of Alice Denton (Phoebe Logan).
Deputy Tom Bently plans to marry Alice Denton, but when Sheriff Dan Bentley, Tom's father, is wounded and offer's Tom the job as Sheriff. Alice makes Tom use the job, but when Scar kills his father, Tom puts on the badge and takes out after him.


  • Fred Leedon Scott as Deputy Tom Bentley
  • Phoebe Logan as Alice Denton
  • Al St. John as Deputy Fuzzy
  • Marjorie Beebe as Peaches
  • Charles King (actor) as Scar Adams / Jim Denton
  • Frank LaRue (actor) as Sheriff Dan Bentley, Tom's Father
  • Eddie Holden as Axel
  • Lafe McKee as Frank Denton
  • Jack C. Smith as Jed - Posse Rider
  • Jack Evans as Henchman Shorty
  • James Sheridan (actor) as Henchman Buck
  • White King as White King - Tom's Horse

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