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Femmine Folli (Foolish Wives, 1921)


erich von stroheim, "foolish wives" (1921) [title charts in italian]

Foolish Wives is a 1922 American Drama film silent film produced and distributed by Universal Pictures and written and directed by Erich von Stroheim. Although uncredited, Irving Thalberg, aged 22, was in charge of production. Thalberg would later become one of the most famous studio heads of all time. The drama features von Stroheim, Rudolph Christians, Miss DuPont, Maude George, and others.<>.</>
When released in 1922, the film was the most expensive film made at that time, and billed by Universal Studios as the "first million-dollar movie" to come out of Hollywood. Originally, von Stroheim intended the film to run anywhere between 6 and 10 hours, and be shown over two evenings, but Universal executives opposed this idea. The studio bosses cut the film drastically before the release date..</>
Original prints reportedly had hand coloring of certain scenes by artist Gustav Brock.


The film was the eighth most popular movie of 1922 in North America.

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