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Devil Monster


Despite the title, this one's more of a seafaring adventure than a horror movie. This is an edited version of "Sea Fiend (1936)". This print is a little faded in places, but still watchable. Taken from a VHS source.

Devil Monster (1936 in film) is an American adventure film directed by S. Edwin Graham. The working title of the film was The Great Manta and it was shown in Great Britain as The Sea Fiend in 1938. Also, a Spanish-language version entitled El diablo del mar, directed by Juan Duval using some of the same actors and footage, was released in the United States in 1936 by Cinexport Films.
An edited version of the film was released in 1946 as Devil Monster, a low-budget South Seas (genre) drama spiced up with stock footage inserts including half-dressed native girls that were also featured in the film's Trailer (promotion). The Motion Picture Production Code, which banned Nudity in film in American films, apparently tolerated partial nudity in "ethnography" scenes of "native" life. This version of the film is now in the public domain and is available online at Internet Archive.<></>


  • Barry Norton as Robert Jackson
  • Blanche Mehaffey as Louise
  • Jack Barty as Capt. Jackson
  • Terry Grey as Tiny
  • Jack Del Rio as Jose Francisco
  • Mary Carr as Mother of Jose
  • William Lemuels as Native Chief
  • Maya Owalee as Maya
  • Donato Cabrera as Malo

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