Derby Day


Derby Day

Derby Day is a 1952 British drama film directed by Herbert Wilcox and starring Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding (actor), Googie Withers, John McCallum (actor) and Alfie Bass. An ensemble cast piece, it portrays several characters on their way to the Epsom Derby races at Epsom Downs Racecourse. It was an attempt to revive the success that Neagle and Wilding had previously had opposite each other, but it failed in this regard.


On the morning of the Epsom Derby, a disparate group of people prepare to go to the races. Lady Helen Forbes, a recently widowed Aristocracy (class) is planning to make the journey in spite of the disapproval of her social set who consider it unseemly to go while still in mourning. David Scott, a newspaper cartoonist is ordered to go by his editor against his wishes. Meanwhile, as part of a charitable organization raffle, a dissolute film star, Gerald Berkeley, is to escort a wealthy grand dame to Epsom for the day something he is equally reluctant about. Happily she falls and injures her leg, and her crafty Housekeeper (domestic worker) arranges for one of the young maids to go in her place. Meanwhile, in Battersea, a lodging kills a man whose wife he is having an affair with. They plan to flee the country, and also head to Epsom where he knows a tipster who can smuggle them out.


  • Anna Neagle ... Lady Helen Forbes
  • Michael Wilding (actor) ... David Scott - the cartoonist
  • Googie Withers ... Betty Molloy
  • John McCallum (actor) ... Tommy Dillon
  • Peter Graves, 8th Baron Graves ... Gerald Berkeley - film star
  • Suzanne Cloutier ... Michele Jolivet
  • Gordon Harker ... Joe Jenkins
  • Edwin Styles ... Sir George Forbes
  • Gladys Henson ... Gladys Jenkins
  • Nigel Stock (actor) ... Jim Molloy
  • Ralph Reader ... Bill Hammond
  • Tom Walls Jr. ... Gilpin
  • Josephine Fitzgerald ... O'Shaughnessy - the cook
  • Alfie Bass ... Spider Wilkes
  • Toni Edgar-Bruce ... Mrs. Harbottle-Smith
  • Ewan Roberts ... Jock, the Studio driver
  • Leslie Weston ... Capt. Goggs
  • Sam Kydd ... Harry Bunn - the bookie
  • Brian Johnston ... Interviewer
  • Richard Wattis ... Newspaper editor
  • Frank Webster ... Taxi driver
  • Gerald Anderson ... Police Sergeant (uncredited)
  • Robert Brown (British actor) ... Foster - Berkeley's Butler (uncredited)
  • John Chandos (actor) ... Man on Train (uncredited)
  • Cyril Conway ... Hinchcliffe - Coalman (uncredited)
  • Mary Gillingham ... 2nd Maid (uncredited)
  • Arthur Hambling ... Col. Tremaine (uncredited)
  • H.R. Hignett ... Lawson - Lady Forbes' Butler (uncredited)
  • Prince Monolulu ... Himself (uncredited)
  • Myrette Morven ... Mrs. Tremaine (uncredited)
  • Hugh Moxey ... Police Constable (uncredited)
  • Jan Pilbeam ... 1st Maid (uncredited)
  • Derek Prentice ... Old Man (uncredited)
  • Philip Ray ... 2nd Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)
  • Michael Ripper ... 1st Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)
  • Cecily Walper ... Mrs. Wickham - Housekeeper


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