Cottage to Let


AKA: Bombsight Stolen A wartime evacuee (George Cole) from London arrives in a small Scottish village to stay in Mrs Barrington's (Jeanne De Casalis) cottage. However the arrival of a wounded Spitfire pilot (John Mills) and a mysterious bald gentleman (Alastair Sim) means the boy must stay in the Barrington's house. At the house Mr Barrington (Leslie Banks) and his assistant (Michael Wilding) are working on a top-secret new bombsight to help the war effort. Ronald begins to notice strange behaviour in the village and gradually uncovers a plot to steal the bomb sight when it is developed.

Cottage to Let is a 1941 spy film starring Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim and John Mills. Set in World War II Scotland, its plot concerns Nazi spies trying to kidnap an inventor.


Upper class Mrs. Barrington (Jeanne De Casalis) takes in two child evacuees from London, including cocky teenager Ronald (George Cole (actor)), lodging them in a cottage she owns. However, it has already been Renting to annoyingly inquisitive Charles Dimble (Alastair Sim). To compound the confusion, Mrs. Barrington had also agreed to allow it to be converted into a military hospital. Supermarine Spitfire pilot Flight Lieutenant Perry (John Mills) parachutes into the nearby loch and becomes the first patient, tended by Mrs. Barrington's pretty daughter Helen (Carla Lehmann). Mrs. Barrington moves Ronald to the main house, while Dimble and Perry remain in the cottage.
Ronald makes friends with Mrs. Barrington's husband John (Leslie Banks), a brilliant but eccentric inventor, currently working on a bombsight for the Royal Air Force. However, he insists on working on his own. His assistant, Alan Trently (Michael Wilding (actor)), becomes jealous when Helen starts spending too much time with Perry. Eventually though, Helen lets Trently know that she pers him.
Meanwhile, the government grows concerned about Barrington's security; his last invention, a self-sealing fuel tank, was copied by the Germans within a month of its mass production. Trently comes under suspicion, as he had been educated in Germany.
It turns out that there is cause for concern; German agents kidnap Barrington. Ronald stows away in the car used to take the captive to an isolated water mill. When Perry shows up, Ronald attacks one of the spies to help in the "rescue". Unfortunately, it is all in vain, as Perry is revealed to be the ringleader. Perry intends to take Barrington to Berlin on a seaplane which is due to arrive the next night.
However, Dimble turns out to be a British counterintelligence officer. He manages to infiltrate the ring and learn where Barrington is being held. All but one of the spies are captured and the prisoners are freed. Perry initially escapes, but is eventually tracked down and killed in a shootout with Dimble.


  • Leslie Banks as John Barrington
  • Alastair Sim as Charles Dimble
  • John Mills as Flight Lieutenant Perry
  • Jeanne De Casalis as Mrs. Barrington
  • Carla Lehmann as Helen Barrington
  • George Cole (actor) as Ronald
  • Michael Wilding (actor) as Alan Trently
  • Frank Cellier (actor) as Ernest Forest
  • Muriel Aked as Miss Fernery
  • Wally Patch as Evans
  • Muriel George as Mrs. Trimm
  • Hay Petrie as Dr. Truscott
  • Catherine Lacey as Mrs. Stokes
  • Annie Esmond as Lady wrapping parcels for the bazaar (uncredited)
  • Peter Gawthorne as Senior RAF officer (uncredited)
  • Arthur Hambling as Scotland Yard Inspector (uncredited)
  • Roddy Hughes as German agent (uncredited)
  • Bni O'Rorke as Scottish Police Inspector (uncredited)
  • Charles Rolfe as German agent (uncredited)
  • Ben Williams as Scottish fisherman (uncredited)

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