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Convict 13


Buster is playing golf with Sybil when he gets knocked out. An escaped prisoner changes clothes with him. Buster goes to prison and learns that he is to be hanged. He changes clothes with a guard just as prisoner Roberts attacks all the guards.

Convict 13 is a 1920 in film short comedy film starring comedian Buster Keaton. It was written and directed by Keaton and Edward F. Cline.


Keaton goes from a golf game with his girlfriend to death-row in prison through a case of mistaken identity. In the film, Buster performs one of the most dangerous sight gags that he performed in vaudeville. In the words of Marie Dressler: Buster would "stand on a table in back of his father twirling a basketball tied to the end of a rope, while his father was trying to shave himself with a straight razor. And that ball kept getting closer and closer, all the sudden, BANG!"


  • Buster Keaton as Golfer Turned Prisoner, Guard
  • Sybil Seely as Socialite, Warden's Daughter
  • Joe Roberts as The Crazed Prisoner
  • Edward F. Cline as Hangman
  • Joe Keaton as Prisoner
  • Louise Keaton

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