Come on, Cowboys


Harris (Anne Bennett) and Rigby (Edward Peil Jr.) own a circus. Rigby is a counterfeiter and frames his partner. The Mesquiteers learn Rigby is the culprit and get a confession from one of his men only to lose the case when the man is murdered in jail. The Mesquiteers try again and send Lullaby (Max Terhune) to try and win some of the fake bills in a card game.

Come on, Cowboys is a 1937 American Western (genre) "The Three Mesquiteers" B-movie< name="b-westerns"></> directed by Joseph Kane.


  • Robert Livingston (actor) as Stony Brooke
  • Ray Corrigan as Tucson Smith
  • Max Terhune as Lullaby Joslin
  • Maxine Doyle as Ellen Reed
  • Willie Fung as Fong
  • Edward Peil Jr. as Thomas Rigby
  • Horace Murphy as Judge Blake
  • Anne Bennett as Nancy Harris
  • Ed Cassidy (actor) as Jefferson "Jeff" Harris
  • Roger Williams (actor) as Henchman Harry
  • Fern Emmett as Bus Passenger Mother
  • Yakima Canutt as Henchman Jake
  • George Burton (actor) as Sheriff
  • Merrill McCormick as Henchman Dan
  • Loren Riebe as Henchman Red
  • Victor Allen as Jim
  • Al Taylor (actor) as Henchman Tim
  • George Plues as Henchman Mike

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