Children of the Night


Fact-based drama about a sociology graduate (Kathleen Quinlan) who starts working with teen prostitutes in Hollywood. The film does not draw back on its depiction of the brutality that the teens face nor of the exploitation that occurs from the pimps and johns ho use them. Pat Benatar's song "Hell Is For Children" is used to set the film's theme.

Children of the Night is a 1985 American drama film directed by Robert Markowitz. The film is a fictionalized made-for-television biopic of Dr. Lois Lee, following her work among young prostitutes in Hollywood and the organization Children of the Night that she founded as a result.


  • Kathleen Quinlan as Lois Lee
  • Nicholas Campbell as Larry
  • Mario Van Peebles as Roy Spanish
  • Lar Park-Lincoln as Valerie
  • Wallace Langham as Kevin
  • Eddie Velez as Tom
  • David L. Crowley as Marty
  • Donald Hotton as Dr. Norris
  • Marta Kober as Linda
  • Laura Esterman as Arlene
  • Sherri Stone as Brandy
  • Michael Shaner as Jerry
  • Vincent J. Isaac as Jink
  • Michelle Ann Martin as Ginger
  • Monica Calhoun as Wanda
  • Zoe Trilling as Melody
  • Helene Udy as Dallas
  • Valerie Richards as Zoe
  • George Spaventa as Robert Ringen


  • Pat Benatar - "Crimes of Passion (Pat Benatar album)"

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