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Caryl of the Mountains


Rin Tin Tin, Jr. helps mounties find the killer of a fur trapper.

Caryl of the Mountains is a 1936 American film directed by Bernard B. Ray. It was made for Reliable Pictures and shot at Big Bear Lake' California.
The film is also known as Get That Girl in the United Kingdom.


Somewhere in the United States Enos Colvin schemes to defraud his investors and abscond with the assets of his company that are in the form of bonds. His secretary Caryl decides to take the bonds herself and post them to her Uncle Jean living in the Canadian woods. Discovering what Caryl has done and knowing where the bonds have been posted Enos goes himself to Canada to get the bonds from Uncle Jean who has hidden them in a secret location in his hearth. A struggle ensues and Jean is murdered and his dog Rinty wounded by Enos' revolver.
Making his way to the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Rinty is nursed back to health until he is able to bring Enos to justice.


  • Rin Tin Tin Jr. as Rinty
  • Ralph Bushman as RCMP Sergeant Brad Sheridan
  • Lois Wilde as Caryl Foray
  • Josef Swickard as Jean Foray
  • Earl Dwire as RCMP Inspector Bradshaw
  • Robert D. Walker as Enos Colvin
  • George Chesebro as RCMP Constable Jim O'Brien
  • Ray Henderson (actor) as RCMP Constable Gary
  • Steve Clark (actor) as RCMP Captain Edwards
Artie Ortego appears uncredited as Indian Joe.

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Bernard B. Ray

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