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Bulldog Drummond's Revenge


While driving to Rockford Manor with Algy and Tenny to join others in the wedding party before they leave for Switzerland, Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond comes across a parachuted suitcase. While they examine it, they are nearly run down by a speeding car. Shortly afterward, a plane crashes nearby. After arriving at Rockford Manor, the suitcase is stolen, and the marriage of Bulldog and Phyllis Clavering is postponed once again. Stars: John Howard, Louise Campbell, Reginald Denny, E. E. Clive, and John Barrymore IMDb Page This movie can also be found here. Bulldog Drummond Movies Bulldog Drummond Escapes Bulldog Drummond Comes Back Bulldog Drummond's Revenge Bulldog Drummond at Bay Bulldog Drummond in Africa Bulldog Drummond's Peril Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police Bulldog Drummond's Bride Arrest Bulldog Drummond

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge is a 1937 black-and-white detective film directed by Louis King, produced by Stuart Walker (film-maker), written by Edward T. Lowe Jr. and Herman C. McNeile (novel), and featuring John Barrymore. The picture stars John Howard (American actor) in his first appearance as Bulldog Drummond; Howard previously appeared as Ronald Colman's (who had made the first talkie Bulldog Drummond (1929 film)) brother in Lost Horizon (1937 film). Billing (filmmaking) John Barrymore portrays his friend Colonel Nielsen.


The film tells the story of Bulldog Drummond, a Great Britain officer who, while on a drive with his friend Algy Longworth and valet Tenny, is the first to discover a mysterious suitcase that is parachuted from an aircraft above, minutes before the plane crashes. The case is found to contain a highly explosive chemical, the plans for which have been stolen, and despite the urging of his fiancee Phyllis Claverling, Drummond is dragged into the mystery surrounding the whole affair, traveling by both train and ship to recover the formula.


  • John Barrymore as Col. J.A. Nielson
  • John Howard as Bulldog Drummond
  • Louise Campbell (actress) as Phyllis Clavering
  • Reginald Denny (actor) as Algy Longworth
  • E.E. Clive as "Tenny" Tennison
  • Frank Puglia as Draven Nogais
  • Nydia Westman as Gwen Longworth
  • Robert Gleckler as Hardcastle
  • Lucien Littlefield as Mr. Smith
  • John Sutton (actor) as Jennings, Nielson's Secretary
  • Miki Morita as Sumio Kanda
  • Benny Bartlett as Cabin Boy
  • Matthew Boulton (actor) as Sir John Haxton


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William LeBaron, Edward T. Lowe Jr., and Stuart Walker

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