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Boy! What a Girl!


Two musical producers are trying to scrape enough money together to finance their show. When one of their backers doesn't show. They convince transvistie Tim Moore to impresonate the second female backer.

Boy! What a Girl! is a 1947 race film directed by Arthur H. Leonard and starring Tim Moore (comedian), with guest appearances by the Brown Dots, Slam Stewart, Sid Catlett and Gene Krupa.


Would-be theatrical producer Jim Walton is planning a new show that will feature bandleader Slam Stewart and the comic female impersonator Bumpsie (Tim Moore).< name="Yoda"></> Mr. Cummings, the wealthy father of Jim’s girlfriend Cristola, has agreed to finance half of the show if the famous Parisian impresario Madame Deborah will provide the second half of the funding. When word arrives that Madame Deborah’s arrival from France has been delayed, Bumpsie is brought in to keep Mr. Cummings occupied. Mr. Cummings, however, is unaware that Bumpsie is a man in drag and he falls in love with him. The real Madame Deborah unexpectedly arrives early and passes herself off as Mrs. Martin. Two other would-be suitors, impressed with Madame Deborah’s wealth, begin to pursue Bumpsie. A fundraising party for the show is held, where several musical acts arrive to perform. A pair of thugs attempt to kidnap Bumpsie, believing he is Madame Deborah, but he manages to escape. The real Madame Deborah identifies herself and agrees to finance Jim’s show, enabling him to achieve his professional goals and to marry Cristola.</>

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