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Boarding House Blues


The owner of a theatrical boarding house is about to go bankrupt, so her tenants put on a show to raise the funds needed to keep the house. Of note mostly for as a document of actual vaudeville acts not long before vaudeville died out completely. Unfortunately, this copy was digitized poorly. The movie was shot flat (1.33:1), but this file seems to be forced to a 1.66:1 ratio, cropping off the top and bottom of the frame slightly, which is very noticeable during some of the acts recorded.

Boarding House Blues is a 1948 American race film directed by Josh Binney. It was the penultimate feature film of All-American News, a company that made newsreels for black Americans.

Plot summary

When Mom's boarding house is threatened with closure and eviction of the tenants due to non payments, Mom's tenants get together to put on a show to raise the money needed to save Mom and their home.


  • Moms Mabley as Moms
  • Dusty Fletcher as Dusty
  • Marcellus Wilson as Jerry
  • Marie Cooke as Lila Foster
  • Augustus Smith (actor) as Norman Norman
  • John D. Lee Jr. as Stanley
  • Emory Richardson as Simon
  • Harold Cromer as Moofty
  • Sidney Easton as Boo Boo
  • Freddie Robinson as Freddie
  • John Mason as Boarders (with "company")
  • John Riano as Steggy (the ape)
  • Lucky Millinder as Himself (bandleader)
  • Una Mae Carlisle as Herself (singer)
  • Bull Moose Jackson as Himself (singer)
  • Warren Berry as One of Berry Brothers
  • Nyas Berry as One of Berry Brothers
  • Anistine Allen as Herself (singer)
  • Paul Breckenridge as Himself (singer)
  • James Cross as Stump
  • Eddie Hartman as Stumpy
  • Lee Norman as Themselves
  • 'Crip' Heard as Himself (one-legged dancer)
  • Edgar Martin as Joe


  • John Mason and Company - "Gimme"
  • The Berry Brothers - "You'll Never Know" (Written by Harry Warren, lyrics by Mack Gordon)
  • Una Mae Carlisle - "Throw It out of Your Mind" (Written by Louis Armstrong and Billy Kyle)
  • Una Mae Carlisle - "It Ain't Like That" (Written by Hot Lips Page)
  • Stump and Stumpy - "We've Got Rhythm to Spare"
  • Paul Breckenridge with Lucky Millinder band "We Slumber"
  • Anistine Allen with Lucky Millinder band - "Let It Roll"
  • Bull Moose Jackson with Lucky Millinder band - "Yes I Do"


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E. M. Glucksman
This film was never registered for copyright, making it public domain despite the notice contained within the film itself.

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