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Blonde Ice


A society reporter (Leslie Brooks) keeps herself in the headlines by marrying a series of wealthy men, all of whom die under mysterious circumstances

Blonde Ice is a 1948 American crime film film noir directed by Jack Bernhard and starring Leslie Brooks, Robert Paige and Michael Whalen. It was based on the 1938 novel Once Too Often by Whitman Chambers.<>.</>
Some sources falsely state that much acclaimed B movie director Edgar G. Ulmer was the uncredited original screenwriter of Blonde Ice. Ulmer claimed in 1970 that shortly after the release of Double Indemnity (film) in 1944 he wrote a rip-off script with the working title Single Indemnity for film producer Sigmund Neufeld. He erroneously believed that Neufeld's film was finally released under the title Blonde Ice.

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