Adventures of Gallant Bess


Ted Daniels, a ranch hand working for a rodeo, captures a magnificent wild horse that he tames and trains

Adventures of Gallant Bess is a 1948 American contemporary Western film directed by Lew Landers and filmed in Cinecolor. It has no relation to producer Matthew Rapf's father Harry Rapf's film Gallant Bess.

Plot summary

Drifting and down on his luck cowboy Ted Daniels captures a beautiful mustang horse, names her Bess and teaches her a variety of tricks. Fate turns on him when he rides Bess into town where she causes expensive damage to motor vehicles as Ted drinks in a bar. Ted thinks his luck will change by winning a large prize in a local rodeo, but the unscrupulous carnival owner who desires Bess in his show has one of his stooges cover the horns of the steer Ted is to Bulldogging with slippery oil breaking Ted's leg in the process.
Having no money he sells her to the traveling carnival who mistreat Bess to have her perform in their show. As Ted recovers he plans to reunite with Bess.


  • Cameron Mitchell (actor) as Ted Daniels
  • Audrey Long as Penny Gray
  • Fuzzy Knight as Woody
  • James Millican as Bud Millerick
  • John Harmon (actor) as Blake
  • Edward Gargan as Deputy Sheriff
  • Harry Cheshire as Edward "Doc" Gray
  • Cliff Clark as Sheriff
  • Evelyn Eaton as Billie

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Jerry Briskin, Matthew Rapf

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