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Adventure Island


Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's "Ebb Tide," this adventure pits a group of shipwrecked sailors against the mad ruler of a jungle island.

Adventure Island is a 1947 in film American South Seas (genre) Adventure film film shot in Cinecolor and directed by Sam Newfield (using the pseudonym "Peter Stewart") for Paramount Pictures' Pine-Thomas Productions--one of the few times director Newfield worked for a major studio--and starring Rory Calhoun and Rhonda Fleming.
This film is a remake of the silent film Ebb Tide (1922 film) (1922) and the film Ebb Tide (1937 film) (1937), all based on the The Ebb-Tide by Robert Louis Stevenson and his stepson Lloyd Osbourne.


  • Rory Calhoun as Mr. Herrick
  • Rhonda Fleming as Faith Wishart
  • Paul Kelly (actor) as Capt. Donald Lochlin
  • John Abbott (actor, born 1905) as Huish
  • Alan Napier as Attwater

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