Educational film about how steel is used to make highways, including problems that occur with time and use.

0648 PA8725 Unidentified: American Fashion and Department Stores: The Pro-Mass Production View

Identification of human vs. animal blood, stains through chemical tests - scientists, labs, chemists, rabbits, experiments, blood, nurses, lab technicians, microscopes, test tubes, etc.

PA8640 Mechanical Engineering at duPont

Industry on Parade: A Pictorial Review of Events in Business and Industry, produced weekly by the National Association of Manufacturers. 0590 PA8201 Industry on Parade: Plastic Age Anniversary

Silent film version of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe, directed and produced (and starring) M.A. Wetherell. In three parts.

Home movies shot at Monnier School, Detroit, Michigan, approximately 1947. Sequences include scenes in and around the school and parking lot, art classes, students (including several pairs of twins) in class, teachers in parking lot, teacher slipping as he descends steps and retracing his movements a second time for the camera, and a field trip via bus to the Diego Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum.

Nighttime action at an outdoor rodeo, shot on a cross-country road trip.

World Travelogue sponsored by Coca-Cola. 0731 PA8798 Wonderful World

Kodachrome footage of the San Francisco World's Fair, held on Treasure Island.


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