Extremely boring stock footage of a road in Mount Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. (video 2)

Everything you didn't want to know about rubber boots, with Conrad Nagle, Drew Pearson and Bootman, Leonard Rochell.

"Lightning Bryce" is a Western cliffhanger serial featuring Jack Hoxie, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

This is episode 3, entitled "Perilous Trails".  There is action, intrigue, and even a "Mystery Woman".  Stay tuned, 12 more episodes are coming.

"Something New" is a suspenseful Western drama, featuring Nell Shipman, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

In this film horseback bandits chase a car on a rugged terrain in Mexico.

Nell Shipman was a Canadian. She was an actress portraying strong female characters that liked the outdoors and adventures.

"The dream of Dr. Robert Goddard, the father of rocketry, is explored and examined through reminiscences of Mrs. Esther Goddard. Included in the film are historic scenes of Dr. Goddard's early experiments and the personal commentary of Mrs. Goddard."
National Archives Identifier:     45003

"Max Wants a Divorce" is a short comedy starring Max Linder and Martha Mansfield, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.  It was her second film ever, and her second of three films with Max Linder for Essanay Studios.

Martha and Max are just married when he gets a letter from his lawyer notifying him that he will receive a 3 million dollar inheritance if he is not married.  As anyone would do, Max starts concocting a plan to keep both the money and his wife Martha.  His idea is to cause a divorce, obtain his inheritance, and get married with Martha again.

"The Golden Louis" is a short drama directed by D.W. Griffith.  The film is included in our program to illustrate the work of Arthur Johnson, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

"The Voice Of The Violin" is a short drama directed by D.W. Griffith, featuring Arthur Johnson and cinematographer Billy Bitzer, stars of Silent Hall of Fame.

"The Open Track" is a short action film from a serial by the name of "The Hazards of Helen", featuring Helen Gibson, a star of Silent Hall of Fame. This is episode 63 from a total of 119 weekly one reel films produced by Kalem, showing just how popular this serial was in 1914-1917. The first 48 films starred Helen Holmes, the remaining 71 starred Helen Gibson. They both played heroines that were independent and adventurous, resolving dangerous situations with quick thinking. Their acting was very physical and they performed their often very dangerous stunts.

"Winning Back His Love" is a short drama directed by D.W. Griffith, featuring cinematographer Billy Bitzer, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

Stephanie Longfellow finds out that her husband Wilfred Lucas is about to start an affair.  Just when she feels down and out, she gets an advice from an old friend, Edwin August, to take counter-measures and bring Wilfred to his senses.


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