This is a sharper and cleaner print with a smaller download file than the existing IA copy. A cute and quirky romantic comedy with a large supporting cast that makes it come alive and provides most of the fun. Directed by William Castle. Released in 1948. a.k.a. "Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven". Complete print CAST NOTE: Audie Murphy's brief walk-on was his first feature film appearance

A feature-length documentary on the experiences and operations of the 351st Bombardment Group of the USAAF's 8th Air Force based in England, Presented and narrated by Clark Gable. Director unknown. Released in 1943. Complete print. CAST NOTE: Clark Gable flew five combat missions over Europe as a B-17 waist gunner.

An okay circus melodrama starring June Travis. Directed by John H Auer. Released in 1937. Complete print (53 minute 2nd-release edit). NOTE: A nitrate print of the 66 minute original is stored at the UCLA Film & Television Archive. So there might be hope for the future release of a complete version with better video quality.

This print is much sharper and cleaner than the existing IA copy, plus it is in the correct aspect ratio. A lavishly produced wartime propaganda epic with an all-star cast. Like the film "Mission to Moscow" its purpose was to boost support for our Russian ally. It opens as a lighthearted semi-musical, but then abruptly erupts in violence and stark tragedy as the Nazis attack, invade and occupy a peaceful Ukrainian village. Corny at times, over the top at times, yet there is no denying this film's power. Directed by Lewis Milestone. Released in 1943 (see Special Note). Complete print.

So what that it has nothing to do with Broadway. So what that the acting is awful and the production values nonexistent (except for Foley FX which consist of a cricket and a car horn). So what that it seems twice as long as it actually is. Because now you have a foolproof way to get rid of unwanted house guests. Just flip on this movie, and watch 'em scatter. A strong contender for the worst movie of all time. Written and directed by Phil Tucker. Released in 1955. a.k.a. "Hollywood Jungle" Tape-transferred complete print.

A British mystery/suspense drama which costars Terry Moore. NOTE: This film is in the public domain. The copyright notice at the end refers to content not included here. Directed by Guy Green. UK release 1955. US release 1956. a.k.a. "Portrait of Alison" Complete print (US version)

This glitch-free 733 MB file has the same video and audio qualities as the 3.4 GB copy found elsewhere at IA. Directed by Archie Mayo Released in 1946 complete print

A low-budget, pre-code romantic drama about young ladies on the loose in Paris. Directed by Alphonse Martell. Released in 1933. a.k.a. "Tarnished Youth" (UK). 2 minutes are missing.

An unknown and unstopable vampire terrorizes a middle-European village. The featured players are Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas and Dwight Frye. Directed by Frank R. Strayer. Released in 1933

A gigantic, rocket-powered, flying turtle with fangs befriends an annoying little kid, which doesn't interfere with the usual monster mayhem. This is the original widescreen release without the tacked-on footage of the English-dubbed version known as "Gamera the Invincible," which also is available here at IA. Directed by Noriaki Yuasa Released in 1965 Japanese language with English subtitles complete print


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