1938 directed by Sergei Eisenstein.  Soviet-era films depicts Russian prince Alexander Nevsky who led the Russians against an invasion by Teutonic Knights.  This is the public domain version that was first released on video-tape, with the original, poorly recorded soundtrack of Prokofiev's music and subtitles with stilted language.

1938 directed by Joseph Kane starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Joan Valerie, Sammy McKim, Ivan Miller, Earl Dwire and Hooper Atchley with the Stafford Sisters, the Maple City Four, Walt Shrum and his Colorado Hillbillies and a guest appearance by Roy Rogers.  Gene and his boys ride into town to set up a barn dance and a horse sale.  However, most of the ranchers have recently purchased new tractors and have no need for horses.  Meanwhile, Sally, the manager of the struggling, local

1925 directed by Clarence Brown starring Rudolph Valentino as Drubovsky, Vilma Banky as Mascha, Louise Dresser as the Czarina, Albert Conti as Kuschka and James A. Marcus as Kryilla. After witnessing the daring rescue of a runaway carriage by the dashing, young Lieutenant Dubrovski, (Valentino), a smitten Czarina orders him to attend a private dinner.

This print is much sharper and cleaner than the existing IA copy, plus it is in the correct aspect ratio. A lavishly produced wartime propaganda epic with an all-star cast. Like the film "Mission to Moscow" its purpose was to boost support for our Russian ally. It opens as a lighthearted semi-musical, but then abruptly erupts in violence and stark tragedy as the Nazis attack, invade and occupy a peaceful Ukrainian village. Corny at times, over the top at times, yet there is no denying this film's power. Directed by Lewis Milestone. Released in 1943 (see Special Note). Complete print.

Television production of King Lear starring Orson Welles. Produced in 1953 for Omnibus TV and directed by Peter Brook.

1969 directed by Bud Townsend starring Cameron Mitchell, Anne Helm, Barry Kroeger and Scott Brady.  After being burned in the face by a seedy movie producer, a professional make-up artist turns his talents to the creation of a wax museum which features a line of “special exhibits.”  Audio is terrible. Every attempt to improve it only made it worse.

People are mysteriously disappearing near a remote Cornish village, where a scientist is experimenting with reviving the dead.

1935 directed by Denison Clift for The Guaranteed Pictures Corporation, starring Bela Lugosi, Arthur Margetston, Shirley Grey, Edmund Willard, Dennis Hoey, Clifford McLaglen, Ben Welden, Bruce Gordon, George Mozart, Gunnar Moir and Johnnie Schofield.  The Marie Celeste sets sail with a crew of old scalawags and a young bride aboard.  And one of them is a murderer...picture and audio improved.

So what that it has nothing to do with Broadway. So what that the acting is awful and the production values nonexistent (except for Foley FX which consist of a cricket and a car horn). So what that it seems twice as long as it actually is. Because now you have a foolproof way to get rid of unwanted house guests. Just flip on this movie, and watch 'em scatter. A strong contender for the worst movie of all time. Written and directed by Phil Tucker. Released in 1955. a.k.a. "Hollywood Jungle" Tape-transferred complete print.

1937 directed by Joseph Kane starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Betty Bronson, LeRoy Mason, Charles Middleton, Russell Simpson, Jack Dougherty, Henry Hall and the Tennessee Ramblers. It's Cattle-men versus Turpentiners, with Gene (and a girl) caught in the middle. Lots of singin', shootin' and hard ridin'.


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