Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Mel-O-Toons Panchito

Panchito, Cartoon

Classic Mel-O-Toons cartoon from 1960 about a little burro who couldn't hee-haw.

Superman - Bulleteers, The

Superman, animation

A gang using a rocket is terrorizing Metropolis unless their demands are met they will destroy the city.

The Snow Man

Snow Man, Animation, short

A group of furry South Pole animals build a snow man. They begin to throw snowballs at it. This make him come to life and oh what a vengeance he has. He stomps around scaring the living daylights out of everyone. How will they stop him?

It's Everbody's Business

Animation, John Sutherland, Business

John Sutherland produced animated short that shows the history of how business began in America starting from the colonial period to the uses of modern technology assembly lines the 1950s

Why Play Leap Frog?

Animation, John Sutherland, Business

One of the animated series from the Extension Department of Harding College, and produced by John Sutherland, Why Play Leap Frog illustrates how the cost of production, overhead, the processing of raw materials, and labor combine to create the overall cost of a product.

Working Dollars

Animation, John Sutherland, Business, New York Stock Exchange

Mr. Finchly has just gotten a 60 dollar raise and wants to figure out the best way to invest it. Produced by John Sutherland for the New York Stock Exchange