Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Van Beuren Studios Aesops Fables,

Van Beuren Studios, Aesop's Fables, 1933, A Dizzy Day

A Dizzy Day, classic cartoon from Van Beuren Studios - 1933

Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves

popeye, Classic cartoon, 1930s, Fleischer, 3-D, multiplane camera

Classic Fleischer Studios Technicolor Popeye cartoon from 1937. This is the better copy John_boy asked for back in 2005. This copy has the original Paramount mountain logo opening and closing the cartoon. Probably taken from the Paramount fully-restored re-release of the cartoon. Public domain.

Big Buck Bunny

big buck bunny, blender, Creative Commons, nebadon2025

As a follow-up to the successful project Orangeâs âElephants Dreamâ, the Blender Foundation initiated another open movie project. Again a small team (7) of the best 3D artists and developers in the Blender community have been invited to come together to work in Amsterdam from October 2007 until April 2008 on completing a short 3D animation movie. The team members will get a great studio facility and housing in Amsterdam, all travel costs reimbursed, and a fee sufficient to cover all expenses during the period.

Humpty Dumpty

nursery rhyme, Iwerks, Fairy Tale

A 1935 animated cartoon by Ub Iwerks

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Oh Teacher

Classic cartoons, Vintage cartoons, Oswald Rabbit

This one is an old Walt Disney cartoon starring Oswald Rabbit

So Does an Automobile

Betty Boop, Fleischer, Cartoon

In this 1939 cartoon, Betty Boop runs a hospital for sick automobiles. The video size is kind of small at 352 x 256, but very clear, and this copy was taken from a good print. The sound is very good, too.

Felix the Cat - Felix Saves the Day (1922)

Felix, The, Cat, saves, The, day, 1922

Felix helps a little league team get their star player out of jail.

The Gay Gaucho

Cartoon, Classic, Animation, Van Beuren Studios, Brownie Bear

Brownie Bear is a South American cowboy who has a typical classic cowboy adventure in this Van Beuren Studios short.

The Herring Murder Case (1931)

The Herring Murder Case, 1931, talkartoons, Fleischer brothers, Dave fleischer, Max, Fleischer, Bimbo the dog, Betty Boop, Koko the clown, Little ann little

Uploaded By BoopBoopaddoop The Herring Murder Case was proberly Bimbo the dogs new transformation becuse before this cartoon he has many diffrent apperences Betty Boop Does Not make an apperence in this cartoon although the wife of the murdered herring preforms in a Betty Boop Style, she is most likley voiced By Little ann Little Koko the clown also makes an apperence along with Gus the Gorilla in this is a very great fleischer short and would have been a classic